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“local family owned and needs support post-pandemic to stay afloat.”

1069 Wisconsin Ave, NW Photo: Rey Lopez

Melissa writes: “Bandoola Bowl in Georgetown is local family owned and needs support post-pandemic to stay afloat. Delicious, healthy Burmese and Thai noodles and salads. Highly recommended!”

Dave adds:

“This place has been my “must save from the pandemic” from day 1. The food, the people, everything. I go at least once a week, and haven’t gotten tired of it yet. If you haven’t yet, try the shweji!”

Check out their full menu here.

“Bandoola Bowl is back! We’re open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm for pickup and delivery.”

“Bandoola Bowl explores the flavors of Burma and surrounding Southeast Asian countries through a selection of delicious and satisfying salads.

Our founders, the Myint family, are three generations of Burmese natives who work side-by-side to introduce D.C. diners to a taste of their culture in a lively, color, fast-casual setting located right in the heart of Georgetown. The family has also owned and operated Burmese restaurant Mandalay in Silver Spring, Md. for nearly 20 years, creating home-style dishes they often shared together around their own table. With Bandoola Bowl, they aim to give guests an accessible way to experience and enjoy the food they love.

Salads play a significant role in Burmese cuisine, where thinly sliced or chopped vegetables and shredded cabbage offer a base for toppings and toss-ins like fried garlic and onions, crispy yellow split peas, crunchy peanuts and sesame seeds, and proteins that have been roasted, steamed, grilled or lightly fried. Our signature Burmese dressing adds a pop of citrus with fresh squeezed lemon juice and the bold umami of fish sauce (vegetarian dressing without fish sauce also available). Not only are these Southeast Asian salads brimming with ingredients, they are also diverse, delicious and full of different textures and flavors.”

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