Washington, DC

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“Dear PoPville,

I was recently able to get the Covid vaccine in another state. Has anyone had success in unregistering from the DC vaccine portal? I got the J&J and do not require a second shot. I’d love to remove my name so that someone else can move up in line!”

And on twitter this morning Hannah also asked “DC Health emailed me to make a vaccine appointment, but I already got an appointment through a local hospital. How do I remove myself from the list, so others can take my slot? It is not at all obvious”

DC Health was included on the tweet so we’ll see if they are able to confirm the below advice from a different reader:

“I just got off the phone with DC Health and they told me, ONLY IF YOU ALREADY GOT YOUR FIRST VACCINE, that you can unregister. You have to forward the confirmation email you got from the DC Pre-registration website to:

[email protected]

and basically tell them that you’ve already received your first dose and wish to be unregistered. They were adamant that you should only unregister if you’ve already received your first dose (i.e. more than just scheduling it which could potentially be canceled/rescheduled).”

Another reader writes:

“Email [email protected] from the email account you registered with.

Tell them to remove your name.

Include your vaccination ID in the email, which the Vaccinate DC employee looked up for me over the phone.”


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