Washington, DC

Ed. Note: If anyone happens to spot the bike you can email me at [email protected] and I’ll pass on to OP.

“Dear PoPville,

As I was riding my bike home tonight, I hear an accident behind me on the corner of Upshur NW and Kansas Ave NW right in front of the Petworth Library. I head over to see if the drivers were ok and call 911. In the rush to make sure the drivers were ok, I did not lock my bike up but leaned it against the railing of the library.

As I am on the phone with 911, two detectives from Third District walk up and tell me they’ve called in the accident. As they tell me this, other bystanders start yelling at me that my bike is being stolen. I turn around and it’s gone. I tell the two detectives that my bike was just stolen as I was talking to them and the response I get was “sorry that’s for 4D, we’re 3D. You’ll need to file a report with 4D” and walked away from me back to their car.

I don’t know what bothers me more, the fact that my bike got stolen as I was trying to help or that these detectives so nonchalantly blew me off literally as a crime was happening because it wasn’t their district.

Here is a picture of my former bike as well (6KU Single Speed). It is only a month old and the replacement to another bike that was stolen from my condo building’s bike room 4 months ago. Appreciate you posting in case anyone sees the bike on the off chance (doubtful).”


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