Washington, DC

1517 Connecticut Avenue, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I was skeptical about ordering wings from a bookstore. But my palette has never been happier to have my intuition be proven wrong.

Fedwings is tucked in the kitchen section of Kramer’s Bookstore in Dupont Circle. I ordered the medium wing combo–my only regret is that I didn’t order the large. Not because it wasn’t enough food, because it certainly was. These wings–my lord, these wings–I’ll be dreaming about for years to come.

A dry rub with actual depth. A BBQ sauce that realized its job wasn’t to be the star but instead was there to elevate the chicken. Coleslaw presented with such innocence and brightness I’m afraid to check the calorie count in order to claim ignorance against its sins. And wings cooked so crispy, so juicy, and with such perfect execution I was afraid to eat more than one. No way a bookstore could produce a bite of chicken this fantastic–and yet…

I always spend more than I should at Kramers. Now I’m going to be spending so much more. Fedwings are the best wings in town. And this, PoPville, will be the hill I die on.”


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