Washington, DC

Photo by Pharipedia

“Dear PoPville,

I recently purchased a car from a family member in another state. Its inspection and registration does not expire for about 10 months. My car is insured with my DC address, but… do I need to register my car in DC right now? The published letter regarding DMV credential extensions says:

DC DMV has extended the expiration date for all documents expiring on and after March 1, 2020 until 45 days after the public health emergency concludes, including:

driver licenses (renewals and first-time licenses)
learner permits
non-driver identification cards (renewals and first-time IDs)
vehicle registrations (renewals and first-time registrations)
ticket payments
ticket adjudication responses

The “AND FIRST TIME REGISTRATIONS” seems to indicate that I don’t need to rush to do it right away, and I can wait (read: not spend the cash right now). Do others interpret it that way? Anyone have experience with this? Could it be a problem if I should need to file an insurance claim?”


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