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Cracked Eggery Opening a Brick and Mortar spot in Cleveland Park! (in addition to Shaw)

3420 Connecticut Ave, NW

Ed. Note: This is the former home of Starbucks, Cereal Bowl, Chipotle and most recently Tino’s Pizzeria.

From an email:

“Cracked Eggery Cleveland Park: 3420 Connecticut Ave NW DC (target opening May 2021).

The Cracked Eggery journey began in 2019 under a tent at the Cleveland Park Farmers Market. Diners quickly gravitated towards The Mayor (Cracked Bacon, scrambled egg, American & Cheddar cheese, Cracked Sauce). We then launched Abe Froman (Logan’s Sausage, scrambled egg, American & Cheddar cheese, Cracked sauce) and the Southern Charm (Fried green tomato, fried egg, Cracked Bacon, Pimento cheese, arugula, lemon aioli).. The team continued to evolve operations and offerings from their start on a single propane griddle to a food truck warmly embraced by the neighborhood and now, a forthcoming “forever home” in Cleveland Park. The new location will open in May 2021 with early operating hours (6am) and a heavy focus on order ahead/take out and delivery options.

2. Cracked Eggery Shaw: 1921 8th Street NW DC (target opening Summer 2021).

1921 8th Street, NW

I can now confirm the exact location of the highly anticipated 24 Hour Shaw location; window wraps are going up and the build out has begun on 8th St. At Cracked Eggery, egg sandwiches are not just for breakfast, their sandwiches are built for any time of the day or night. The Shaw location embraces this mission more than any other with 24-hour service and a dedicated take-out window. Given the timing of the opening, the team has ensured contactless payment options and clearly marked areas for quick pick up are incorporated into the customer experience. In preparation for the opening, the Cracked Eggery Food Truck has been parking in Shaw 2-3 days a week over the past year and will continue to do so. So far, the support and feedback has been overwhelming.

3. Menu Highlights:

All sandwiches are served on Lyon Bakery, toasted challah buns which adds more flavor to the classic egg sandwich.
Locals know to add tots to any of the egg sandwiches for added crunch and flavor
The Cracked Burger with LaFrieda beef (you may recognize from Shake Shake, Le Diplomate and Emmy’s Squared) a 2 patty griddle burger, American & Cheddar cheese, Cracked Bacon, pickles, white onions, Cracked sauce is a hidden menu gem. Protip: add an egg!
Cracked Eggery is dedicated to sourcing the best of offerings from the local community including bread from Lyon Bakery, sausage from Logan’s Sausage, smoked salmon from Ivy City Smokehouse, cage free locally sourced eggs, goat cheese from Firefly Farms and True Made Ketchup.
The food truck isn’t going anywhere…just the opposite – it’s going everywhere (private events, catering, and new neighborhoods)!

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