Washington, DC

Photo by Mark Andre

“Dear PoPville,

After not seeing their grandchildren for a year due to COVID, my in-laws are now fully vaccinated and cleared to visit! In fact, they’re considering moving to DC for a year to be closer to our family and make up for lost time with their grandkids. We fully support the idea and want to help them find a place.

Because of health and mobility issues, we think one of the new large apartment buildings popping up around town would be the best option for them. They would benefit from their living area being on one level, not having much maintenance work, and (ideally) having in-building parking. We’ve never lived in one of those types of buildings and don’t know where to start for apartment hunting.

What’s the best way to find an apartment in one of those buildings and narrow down which building would be best for them? Anything we should know before they sign a lease? Are there other options we should consider for older residents that we might not know about? Ideally, we’d find somewhere in the Capitol Hill, H Street, NoMA, or Union Market areas. Thank you!”


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