Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Today I went to a national oil change garage for a regular oil change. After I gave them my basic information, they told me the wait would be 2 hours, so I decided to go home and come back another day. 30 minutes later someone at the shop saying that during my oil change (that I didn’t have), they noticed a bunch of problem in my car (giving my car’s make, model, and year) and I was going to need to come back in for a list of repairs that cost over $500.

No one ever looked at my car. No one changed my oil.

I’m assuming they call everyone who gets an oil change and say they need more repairs. I’m used to getting upsold with an oil change, but this was above and beyond! I told the woman I hadn’t gotten my oil changed, and she didn’t believe me and asked me to come in anyway. I then asked her if she did this to every customer, and she hung up quickly.

I don’t know much about cars, every time I go into the shop I worry I’m getting scammed. What’s the solution here?”

Ed. Note: If it was in D.C. might be worth contacting the Attorney General’s office.


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