Washington, DC

2329 Champlain Street, NW

A reader reports some movement from Champlain Street:

“I sent emails to a bunch of people trying to see what is going to be happening in that space:

“The owner of the property at 2329 Champlain is coordinating some shoring, bracing and demolition under permit SH1900080. This is not a development project or a building construction project and the building façade will be preserved.”

“they are keeping the front facade and pinning it ahead remediating the soil/plot of land. From there, the applicant would propose another plan for the building. Copies of permits are available for viewing here under DCRA Public Permits, search for 2329 Champlain St.

After talking with the developer they are having to dig out the ground below the building due to leakage from tanks leftover from the old Aamco station. Apparently why the building has been sitting derelict for so many years was them fighting to get BP to clean up the area. But are going to be keeping the front and side of the building while all this is going on. So lots of scaffolding.”

More photos:



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