Washington, DC

Photo by Josh

“Dear PoPville,

We live in a rowhouse that has really bad sound insulation within the house. The stairwell is a spiral in the center of the house and conducts sound very effectively. Many of the bedroom doors are also sliding doors that have a gap at the bottom of the door. Sound also travels very easily through the vents (?) from each bedroom on floor 2 to/from each bedroom on floor 3 – you can clearly hear any normal-level conversation happening in the other room.

So far, we’ve installed rugs on the stair landing at every level but haven’t done much else – we’ve just dealt. We have a new baby coming in a few months which will add a whole new source of very loud noise, and are invested in fixing this issue.

Does anyone have advice for sound consultants who could analyze our situation and make recommendations? We’ve seen folks who will add soundproofing insulation/drywall but we’re looking for something less expensive / less disruptive to install than a full construction project. Or, does anyone have tips on how they’ve solved similar noise traveling problems in a rowhouse?”


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