Washington, DC

Update from MPD: “3D is on the scene of a confirmed shooting in the 1300 block of Harvard Street, NW. No lookout./ 2688″

Readers started reporting just after 11pm: “I just heard gun shots at around 11:05pm followed by about 3 more at 11:08pm. I’m at 13th and Euclid by Cardozo.”

“I heard about 8 shots from my place near Columbia and 11th about 5 minutes ago.”

“Maybe 7-10 gunshots. Heard just now near 14th and Harvard in Columbia Heights.”

“another 8-10 gunshots at 14th and Girard/Columbia area”

“Helicopter now circle the area around Florida avenue and 14th”

“an ambulance just pulled into the alley by 13th and Harvard. Several police cars present without lights on.”

“Multiple helicopters overhead with their search lights on”

“They’re still looking for one person from what we can hear.”



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