Washington, DC

14th and Fairmont St, NW

Readers started reporting just around 4:15pm: “Think we just had the fourth shooting in 24 hours. 14th between Euclid & Fairmont”

“Maybe 14 gunshots just rang out around 4:17. Along 14th and Euclid roughly.”

“About 15-20 gunshots fired in Columbia Heights – heard near 14th & Euclid. Sirens blaring w/in mins.”

“TON of shots on 14th and Columbia. Too many to count.”

“Police have stopped a car at 13th and Fairmont. Huge police presence, and one person detained. Possibly connected.”

14th and Florida Ave, NW

“There is also an incident next to the 7/11 florida/14th. Looks like it involves a bus, paramedics and Police on site”

“Bus looked to have a bullet hole in the side. 14th/Florida”


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