Washington, DC

From an email:

This is DC’s cathartic scream!

*This event is VIRTUAL and open to anyone, anywhere!*

This is DC’s cathartic scream! DC seems to endure one challenging, painful event after the next and we could all benefit from a little socially distanced and unified catharsis. This city is a special place filled with amazing people and my hope is we can take a minute to collectively recognize the challenges many have recently faced.

So, whether you’re screaming out of frustration and sadness with the pandemic, out of outrage about the racist terror attack on our city/the Capitol, the immense hit to our small business community, or the many other issues we continue to face, we hope you’ll join us from a safe, scream appropriate space.

It is of course free to participate but if you’d like to make a donation, we will split the donations between two orgs working to support our city – Casa Ruby and WACIF.. Donations are in increments of $5 and $10 (want to donate more? Choose multiple quantities!)

Join us on Instagram live on Friday at noon as we scream it out and simultaneously send a little love to one another. We’re all in this together.”


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