Washington, DC

Photos and words by @Pharipedia. Phari is one of my favorite photographers who contributes to our Instagram. He’s volunteered to share a bit more with us from his adventures around town. Phari lives on Capitol Hill.

This stunning 11-bedroom, 11-bathroom Victorian mansion was designed by architect James H. McGill (not the character from Better Call Saul) as one of the original 64 unique houses built in Le Droit Park in 1870s.

Adjacent to Howard University, the neighborhood was initially built to be an exclusively white gated community; however, beginning in 1890s, through tension and not-so-warm welcome, the fenced walls came down and the neighborhood became a haven for African American intellectuals.

Thanks to a well-known Washingtonian who recently purchased it, this historical mansion and its carriage house are being restored and renovated.


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