Washington, DC

Marideth writes this exciting news: “from McLean Gardens. Beautiful, very white and small chipmunk

Friends of the White Whale Society is brought to you by the team behind Last Christmas Tree in Town.

Thanks to Jim for sending the great shot above from “near the Spanish Steps in Dupont/Kalorama.”

Some more captures I’ve been meaning to post:

Peter sends the above from Petworth.

Kate and Santiva also send from Petworth.

Nina sends “these two frolicking in John Marshall Park on Pennsylvania Ave NW.”

Mark writes “This non-gray gray squirrel was found lunching on Capitol Hill. Unmasked and not distanced.”

Jamie writes: “Sighted by staff of Petit Scholars RIA campus (where my daughter goes) in the Woodridge area.”

Beth sends from “John Marshall Park”

Nora sends before the major construction had started at Franklin Square.

Eddie sends from “near the Greek embassy”


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