Washington, DC

Ed. Note: Last week we shared their letter stating that despite new Phase Two restrictions they had “made the decision to stay open.”

Thanks to all who passed on the latest letter from [solidcore]:

“To our valued DC [community],

Effective tomorrow, November 28th, we regret that we will be temporarily closing our DC studios. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to get clarification on DC’s new “Phase Two” Restrictions allowing gyms, restaurants and bars to remain open, but requiring fitness classes to shut down.

We maintain that we should be able to operate in the same phase as traditional gyms, given that we have adhered to the exact same mandates as our counterparts. While we are disappointed, we remain committed to advocating for our industry and demonstrating our ability to keep our [community] safe.

If you’re signed up for class on or after Saturday, November 28th, your class(es) will go back into your account and we will temporarily freeze all existing memberships. We will also extend any existing and unused credits for the duration of this closure.

If you would like your [solidcore] credits or membership to remain active so that you are able to use them to book classes at-home or in a Virginia or Maryland studio, please reach out to [email protected]


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