Washington, DC

Readers report:

“some protestors have climbed the tower crane at Florida & 5th NE”

Stay tuned for a presumable banner/sign drop. [If you get photos please send to [email protected] or @PoPville on social media.]

Photo by Robert Powers

From MPD:

“The District of Columbia has recently witnessed a recent spike in Theft One Stolen Automobile to include vehicles that are running unattended and not locked. This evening members of the 5th District Patrol responded to a report of a Theft One Stolen Automobile in the 30 block of K Street NE. As officers arrived they were informed by the complainant that while delivering groceries they left their vehicle running unattended and not locked. The complainants related that as they exited the vehicle and walked away the vehicle was stolen. Additionally the complainants advised they left their young child in the vehicle. Thankfully, this incident ended with members of the 5th District patrol recovering the young child unharmed.

Members of the 5th District Patrol also recovered the stolen vehicle. The 5th District Detectives Office responded to the crime scene and are actively investigating this case. If you live or work in the area and have surveillance equipment, please kindly check your footage after 7:00 PM. If you have any information on this case please contact the 5th District Detectives Office on 2026980660.

I respectfully request that everyone evaluate the risks before leaving their vehicles unattended and unsecured, especially when the vehicle is occupied by children. People with the intent of committing a crime often take advantage of opportunities. Please help us in our fight against crime by not making yourself vulnerable to being a victim. The Metropolitan Police Department continues to work on this problem but we cannot do it alone, we need help from the community by safe guarding your property and vehicles.”


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