Washington, DC

Courtesy Moreland’s Tavern

From Moreland’s Tavern (5501 14th Street, NW):

“Moreland’s Tavern has put together a Thanksgiving Dinner for 4 at the very friendly price of $80. This includes a 12-14 pound turkey + brining kit, mashed potatoes, stuffing, roasted brussels sprouts, home-made gravy and Lyon Bakery dinner rolls for 4.

Moreland’s is also offering 9 pound spiral sliced hams as well as a number of sides to order a la carte.

Order on-line at morelandstavern.com

You can even get your wine, beer and cocktails too!”

Ed. Note: If you’re wondering why I’m always posting about Moreland’s Tavern it’s because I love Moreland’s! And Manhattans, both bourbon and rye. And Sturgill Simpson.


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