Washington, DC

courtesy New Columbia Solar

From a press release:

Audi Field, the home of Major League Soccer club, D.C. United, has partnered with New Columbia Solar, a D.C.-based solar energy company, to complete a 627.8 kW-sized solar system across the stadium’s canopies and rooftop. Construction was completed in May of 2020 with the assistance of Commonwealth Power, LLC. This is the 2nd largest solar installation at any Major League Soccer dedicated venue and the 5th largest solar installation ever in Washington, D.C.

The addition of more than 1,700 solar panels to the 20,000-seat stadium will generate over 787,000 kilowatt hours of renewable energy on-site, and nearly 20 million kilowatt hours over its expected 25 years of operation. A system of this size will reduce CO2 emissions by 556 metric tons annually, equating to the amount of electricity required to power 95 homes for an entire year.

The new solar system at Audi Field is expected to reduce the stadium’s utility dependency by 30% annually, with increased projections set to occur during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the renewable energy generated by the stadium will offset electricity costs significantly each year.”

Speaking of Audi Field:

“Tie the Knot at Audi Field!

Couples can now reserve Audi Field for their wedding.

DCU_Events-Wedding-One_Pager (PDF)

The beautiful, open-air home of D.C. United is available to the public to book now. For only $3,000 you can reserve ceremony space and for $2,000 you also receive reception space (any space in the stadium, including the beautiful grass field with views of the Capitol building and glorious sunsets).”


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