Washington, DC

Photo by Tim Brown

“Dear PoPville,

I thought it would be useful to share this news with the community about research on the effectiveness of various types of masks, specifically how ineffective, and actually worse than no mask at all, a neck gaiter may be. Here is an article from the Post discussing the research:

“In a recently published study, the researchers unveiled a simple method to evaluate the effectiveness of various types of masks, analyzing more than a dozen different facial coverings ranging from hospital-grade N95 respirators to bandanas. Of the 14 masks and other coverings tested, the study found that some easily accessible cotton cloth masks are about as effective as standard surgical masks, while popular alternatives such as neck gaiters made of thin, stretchy material may be worse than not wearing a mask at all.

I know these are in common usage, especially with people exercising (including myself). I think people taking the effort to wear the neck gaiter in the first place are trying to be responsible, so kudos to that, but, as Bill Nye says, “…now you know”.”


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