Washington, DC

Looking East from 19th and C Street, SE

Thanks to Katie, Andrei and others for sending photos of DC General‘s demolition.

1900 Massachusetts Ave. SE

From DGS:

“As part of Homeward DC, Mayor Bowser’s plan to end homelessness in the District, the Department of General Services (DGS) will deconstruct the now-closed DC General Hospital, a former hospital structure that later served as the District’s largest family shelter for seven years. The DC General Campus Improvements project includes the deconstruction of six main buildings and site hardscaping. Concurrently, DGS, in partnership with the Department of Human Services (DHS), continues the delivery of brand new Short-Term Family Housing facilities located in each of the eight wards.

The structures to be deconstructed at the DC General Hospital site include Core Buildings 1 through 4, Building 29 and Building 9. The Core Buildings are the largest structures involved in the project. Building 29 is located to the northwest of the Core Buildings. Building 9 was located northeast of the Core Buildings. The total square footage of these structures is approximately 704,000.”


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