Washington, DC

and behold!!

From the Smithsonian’s National Zoo:

“Giant panda Mei Xiang continues to exhibit excellent maternal care and is attentive to her cub. Regular, loud cub vocalizations are signs of good health and music to the panda team’s ears!

Last night around 5:40 p.m., Mei Xiang placed the cub on the floor of her den for just a few seconds, giving all of those watching the Panda Cam a fantastic view of her growing cub. It let out a few hearty squeals, and Mei Xiang immediately picked the cub up, cradled it and gave a few comforting licks.”

“Don’t forget to tune in to the Panda Cam around 9:30 a.m. tomorrow to watch father Tian Tian celebrate another revolution around the sun! He turns 23 years old Aug. 27 and will receive a panda-friendly fruitsicle cake and enrichment boxes filled with his favorite treats.”


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