Washington, DC

corner of North Carolina Ave and 7th St SE

“Dear PoPville,

Since I have found innumerable places through your site and comments section over the years, I felt I should give one back. There are a group of guys serving breakfast burritos, tacos, and quesadillas under the name “El Piquin” that have been coming to Eastern Market for about the last five years. They have a restaurant in Essex, MD, but they seem to have no presence whatsoever on yelp, social media, etc. outside of a few shout-outs from Eastern Market itself. They took a long hiatus due to COVID but are now back at it on Sundays and Tuesdays and are better than ever. I have been going religiously for years now because the food is really that good (the hot sauce is other-worldly), and I would really like them to survive. Great group of guys, so I wanted to get the word out, even if that means longer lines for me.”

Check out the menu:


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