Washington, DC

Photo by Joe Newman

“Dear PoPville,

I moved to DC for a job a few years ago, and I continued to use my parents’ address to pseudo-maintain my residency in my purple home state, not knowing if I’d stay in DC long-term. Well, I have! Coming up on the general election, I want to vote legally in the place I live and pay taxes, despite how angry it makes me to not have real congressional representation here.

I decided the best way to make this overdue and official residency change was to get my driver’s license switched to DC, which includes an automatic voter registration (but you still have to opt-in for organ donation…).

Here’s the problem: there are no open appointments at any DC DMV until December 24.

Wtf am I supposed to do now? Genuinely asking. Help!!!

One quick amendment–I think I can register to vote by mailing a printed and signed copy of the Board of Election form, I’m guessing with a photocopy of my out-of-state license and proof of DC residency documents? That was not obvious to me when I wrote in, and I’m still pretty confused.

Related, the Vote4DC app disappeared from the App Store but is still referenced on DC websites. Even if it were available, I couldn’t use it because I don’t have a DMV license yet.

Anyway, I guess I’m asking Santa for a DMV driver’s license this year!”

Another reader notes: “Getting married in September (hooray) and looking into what comes next if I change my last name. According to DC DMV, I must make an appointment for an in-person visit to change my drivers license. Fine. Next available appointment? At literally any location? DECEMBER 23, 2020. Fun.”


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