Washington, DC

UPDATE: “The artist is instagram user @perfectionisht and the project is his quarantine coping strategy.”

“Dear PoPville,

About 2 months ago I was walking in Cleveland Park and I found a miniature polymer clay version of “The Scream” tucked into an empty apartment promotional box. I found it delightful. Cut to ~3wks ago when I was telling this patient about my funny little find and asked “oh, you mean the one in Rock Creek?” And my brain exploded. So far I’ve physically found two but I have confirmation of 2 more around Tregaron and Klingle Valley.

I posted my findings on Reddit to see if anyone else knew who made them (and why) and if there were more. Everyone else seemed similarly intrigued but I found no answers.

I’m reaching out to see if PoPville can help solve the mystery!”


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