Maid Bright: Clean Home, Healthy Home

Cleaning promotes a well-kept appearance of your home, but did you know having a clean home and space is also beneficial to our health and the health of our home? There are many benefits to a clean home that will help your immune system prosper and Maid Bright can help.

Here are the top benefits of having a clean home:

Reduce Allergies and Illness

A clean home is one way to keep allergies at bay especially during high allergy season. Regular cleaning can be impactful on common allergens such as dust, pollen and pet dander. These allergens can build up in our homes, particularly on our bedding and upholstery over time if they are not washed properly leading to worsened allergic responses.

You’ll Feel Less Stressed

Do you ever notice how you feel when your house is cluttered and dirty? You may feel anxious about someone seeing your home in that condition or you may not know where to start to clean. Getting your house in order and tidy can result in lower stress levels. Tackling a small amount of cleaning, making your bed and decreasing clutter can help manage your daily stress.

Kills Germs

Germs can contribute to a suppressed immune system causing you to get sick more often. Bacteria and viruses can live on surfaces in your home and can spread as you touch other surfaces throughout your home. Cleaning and disinfecting your home regularly with an effective disinfectant will reduce the number of germs in your home, ensuring your immune system is in its optimal state.

Keeping your home clean will lead to a healthier home overall. Create your own cleaning routine that will help you stay organized and tackle home cleaning tasks or hire a professional cleaning company.

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There’s a reason Well-Paid Maids has hundreds of positive reviews from happy clients.

The home cleaning company pays cleaners — who are W-2 employees — a living wage starting at $24 an hour. Plus, cleaners are offered benefits, including insurance, 24 paid days off a year, 100% employer-paid commuting costs and more.

Lexi Grant, an operations manager at Well-Paid Maids, said it best: “People deserve their work to be respected and recognized. When that happens, you love what you do, and you create the best results.”

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