Washington, DC

Thanks to Molly for sending the awesomeness above from Petworth: “That’s one way to keep rats out of your yard.”

Please email your awesomeness to [email protected] and let me know where you found it.

Much more awesomeness:

Thanks to Lauren for sending the Prairie Dogs from Crestwood.

Thanks to Haythem for sending the Robot above from Capitol Hill.

Thanks to Richa for sending: “Alliums around the city look gorgeous ! I had never seen one, so I went near to peer at these in Dupont Circle – they remind me of very beautiful onions.”

Thanks to Jenny for sending the beautiful Datsun 240Z from Barnaby Woods.

Thanks to Suzie for sending: “Saw this new family walking down Woodley Road and then onto Connecticut Ave.
Traffic was stopped so they
could cross the street and they
made their way down towards
the Park…”


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