Washington, DC

Thanks to Jenny for sending the awesomeness above from “the Massachusettes/39th Trail!”

Please email your awesomeness to [email protected] and let me know where you found it.

Much more awesomeness:

Thanks to Lylie for sending from “the Petworth Farmers Market and came home with a glorious bounty. Some was pre-order and other items bought on the day. They have things running well and I felt super comfortable. Three cheers to our small farmers and producers.”

Thanks to Anna for sending: “A young goldfinch has spent the past two days perched on our windows in Brookland starring inside. He doesn’t seem to understand “birdwatching” doesn’t mean birds watching people.”

Thanks to Tammy for sending from “Heritage Island Park in NE. RFK Stadium in the distance, beyond the Anacostia.”

Thanks to Ralph for sending the sweet ride above from Dupont.

Thanks to Charles for sending from Cleveland Park: “This is Watson and his owner was happy to show him off. Watson is a little old so he can’t walk as far but is down to ride in comfort.”

And thanks to Maureen for sending another shot of the White Whale: “Marshmallow lives on the National Mall near the National Gallery of Art. He’s my new quarantine friend and I see him almost everyday.”


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