Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Anyone having battles to get refunded for canceled flights? im honestly in a desperate for help area, which is why im reaching out. I was supposed to travel to france this month via the airline royal air maroc. they canceled my flights, of course, and according to US and EU law (which the airline is required to abide by bc the flights depart from and arrive into the US and EU) the airline is required to provide a refund.

anyways, the airline is refusing to refund me, i filed a dispute with mastercard and they ruled in the airlines favor – i called mastercard to find out how / why and their response was “we are not a court of law. you can sue the airline, if you want, but thats all we can offer.” im trying to figure out if i have any other recourse other than to sue (which, lets be real, i wouldnt even know how to do that) or just forfeit my $$… anyways, if anyone else has reached out w similar woes, id love to hear their tales and advice.”


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