Washington, DC

Photo by Olaf Zerbock

G asks: “any good place to go cry?……..asking for a friend”

Ed. Note: There is no shame in a good cry or asking for help. These are the craziest days most of us have ever experienced. Everyone has a tough time from time to time. Please know that you are not alone. At the very least, you will always have my ear – here, @PoPville on twitter/social media (where there is tons of support too, see suggestions below), or via email at [email protected] And please also remember there are always professionals around to talk to at any time 24 hours a day: “The 24-hour telephone access to a mental health clinician and 24-hour suicide prevention lifeline as 1-888-793-4357 is available always and is ready is serve.”

And, again, as a member of the community says below, “It’s cathartic to release the sadness when it overwhelms.” No shame in a good cry – absolutely none. We’ve all been there – you are not alone.

Some suggestions: “Well, for me it’s under the kitchen table. If you need to talk to a stranger, I’m really good at listening to people cry!”

“The view from the parking lot at Cardozo overlooking the city. Have had many good cries there.”

“Rock Creek Park. Pierce Mill. If it’s quiet, stroll down to sit by the creek and watch the water and the birds for awhile. The trees are beautiful. Things get better.”

“Let it out wherever you are. It’s cathartic to release the sadness when it overwhelms. Know that my shoulder is virtually her for you.”


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