Washington, DC

Facebook reminded me this morning that I was bring a baby to the bar guy seven years ago. I didn’t realize I was that guy. I’m pretty sure she was sleeping the whole time so all good, right? [Ducks] In my defense it was also early, and I left early! [Ducks] Whew, glad I got that off my chest. [Pun intended, ducks again.] OK, since we won’t likely be having these debates for a while – let’s take this lull to confess. If you’ve had some time for self reflection – unburden yourself!! Either here in the comments or if you’d like anonymity feel free to email me with ‘Coronaville Confessions’ in the subject line to [email protected]

Ed. Note: I think the photo above was from DC Brau’s anniversary party at Meridian Pint. So wishing a very happy anniversary to DC Brau during these very tough times and RIP Meridian Pint in Columbia Heights.


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