Washington, DC

Thanks to Ron for passing on this letter Mayor Bowser sent District employees yesterday:

“Dear DC Government Employees:

Thank you for continuing to answer the District’s call during a time of need and serving our city’s residents. Since the beginning of the public health emergency, there have been many changes and I would like to thank you for quickly adapting to the evolving situation.

Almost overnight, we transformed many District government operations so our neighbors may continue to access the services and support that they need in this difficult time. As public servants, we play a critical role in serving, guiding, and protecting those who rely on us.

While many of you are working remotely, there are employees performing essential duties that must still leave their homes and come into work, often for extended shifts. We know that disruptions in public transit are making it difficult to get to work and accessing grocery stores during their operating hours can prove challenging right now.
To help alleviate these disruptions, I am authorizing a $14 a day per diem for employees who physically report to work to fulfill these duties.

Employees who report “Regular Pay” on their timesheet will receive an additional $14 in their paycheck for days they physically report to work, up to $140 per pay period. This per diem will not be accessible to employees in Executive Service, Senior Executive Attorney Service, Excepted Service at grade 8 or above, and Management Supervisory Service at grades 15 and 16.

The per diem is effective immediately with the first payout beginning the week of April 20, retroactive to the beginning of the government’s shift to modified operations on March 16 and will continue through the emergency.
Additionally, I have authorized a Time Off Award of 40 hours for all employees who must physically report to work during the duration of the health emergency, to be used after the emergency concludes in accordance with your agencies leave policies.

Thank you again for your service and your continued dedication to the DC Government and the residents we serve.

With gratitude,
Muriel Bowser Mayor”


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