Washington, DC

Photo over the weekend at Lincoln Park by Stuart E. Allen

Ed. Note: On Friday we noted an increased police and National Guard presence at NPS run parks like Lincoln Park and Meridian Hill Park.

Ed. Note also: Per the Mayor’s Stay at Home Orders: “Allowable Recreational Activities means outdoor activity with household members that complies with Social Distancing Requirements, as defined in section IV.8 of this Order, and includes the sanitizing of any equipment used both before and after the activity. Outdoor activities should not be conducted with persons other than those from one’s own household.

Examples: Walking, hiking, running, dog-walking, biking, rollerblading, scootering, skateboarding, playing tennis, golfing, [Ed. Note: I believe tennis and golf were since rescinded] gardening, and other activities where all participants comply with Social Distancing Requirements and there is no person-to-person contact.”

Brett reports: “I was kicked out of Lincoln Park this morning by Nat’l Guard for doing solo workout. I’m confused as to the guidelines but want to respect those who are working to limit the spread of COVID. Are parks completely off limits?

I use the small ledge around the unofficial dog park area in Lincoln Park to do steps ups, lunges, and other band workouts. I’m not taking up more than 10 sq ft and make sure I’m far away from anyone.

From what I can tell, the park is still open- but they are telling people not to congregate. They are also allowing a myriad of runners to run around the park.

I’ve been doing this routine in front of them since they started patrolling and it seemed fine until today?

The member of the National Guard told me I was loitering and to leave. So I did.

Just don’t know what to do as I thought I was allowed to use public space for exercise so long as I was following social distance guidelines.”


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