Washington, DC

Photo by Thomas Dooley

“Dear PoPville,

1) I live in a small co-op and am curious if folks have any examples of good, reasonable COVID guidance that they’ve been using. We don’t have an on-site staff or property manager, so we are a little bit more self-service in the cleaning department and some of the District’s guidance is better suited for larger buildings.

2)I am sympathetic to my co-op neighbors with children, but a couple times each week, some of the families in our building let their kids play together in the common area. Understandably, some of our other neighbors have raised concerns about this. I understand social distancing, and how this violates the letter and the spirit of what we are trying to achieve, but I am also sympathetic to my neighbors with kids. And I realize the limitations in terms of what the co-op can and cannot force individuals to do.

Has anyone seen reasonable accommodations or guidelines that have given parents some relief without jeopardizing the larger community’s well-being?


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