Washington, DC

courtesy a baked joint

From a baked joint (440 K Street, NW):

“we don’t know about you, but we’ve been seriously missing our sister Betty!

starting TONIGHT, well be offering some of our Betty Favorites on the dinner menu! to start, we’ll have:

the Betty Burger
Betty Veggie Burger
Betty Chicken Schnitzel
Betty Fries with Special Sauce

we’ll be adding these items for online preorder soon, but they’re available at 5pm for in-store ordering and Grubhub delivery!

last week, we launched our own pre-order site for pickup orders using our in-house system.

this means you can order and pay for pickup orders before you arrive, avoiding grubhub fees while still enjoying contact-free payment.

we’ll continue adding items as we adjust to the new system so that our full in-store menu can be available for pickup pre-order ASAP! for delivery orders, we’re available on grubhub, including select pantry items.”


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