Washington, DC

“Jimi Hendrix – 1967- Ambassador Theater on 18th St. These are pictures that were taken of him by a friend with a connection back then. Tickets were $2.50.”

Yesterday I shared my prized John Denver poster and asked folks to share their favorites too. You guys shared some awesome ones!! You can see them in the comments of that post, and on our twitter and a few on our Facebook.

Here are lots more emailed to me:


“Artist: Mori, Yoshitoshi (1898-1992) ‘Woman Contemplating the Moon’
Country: Japan
Image can be found in ‘Kappa-ban’ (paperback)”

“Baltimore before their June 11, 2019”

“It’s a WWI Austro-Hungarian Beer advertisement.”

” Poster: From Istanbul Modern. My favorite museum of modern art. I got it for 10 bucks when I was in Peace Corps and it has been on my wall ever since.”

“My favorite poster forever. WW2 Era. Feels right now too.”

“A 1985 French poster for one of my favorite Japanese movies….”

“From living in New Orleans, our politicians always had funny election posters. I did photography work for the Coroner’s office and this poster is signed by Dr Minyard.”

Brookland, once upon a time, now Old Greenbelt

“In my living room; I never get tired of it.”


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