Washington, DC

10 N Street, SE

“Dear PoPville,

I have recently found out that the Nats will not be selling individual tickets to opening day to the public due to “overwhelming demand”. You can still, however, purchase a multi game plan and get them. Between what they did with World Series tickets and this along with other questionable ticket policies I’ve decided I’m no longer going to play their game. I’ve been to every opening day they’ve ever had and unfortunately this year will come to an end.

That being said, I still plan on gathering with friends for both a 40th B-day party and to watch opening day. The hard part is picking a place that will not only be open at noon or so on Thursday but will also be fun and maybe even serve food. I’ve done a little research but am sort of coming up short. There are a few decent options, but nothing stands out right now. I was wondering if we could crowd source this?”

How about the new Walters right outside the stadium?


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