Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I have a real concern. My really good friend of 20 years and neighbor is an infectious disease doctor who is risking her life every day dealing with the Covid-19. I am sure she was super happy with the Mayor’s decision to put everyone on stay at home orders.

However, I woke up this morning and private construction crew on a building next to ours is still at work. There are approximately 50 people outside our house at all times because of this. I’ve contacted 911 but they said they cant do anything. I then contacted 311 and the exchange with the person who answered was pretty much its my fault for choosing to live next to a construction site. I have lived here 6 years and the past 2 years this construction has taken place and will not stop. They even got around working Sundays on a few occasions. How is this okay? How are they essential? They are claiming that status even though its a privately owned property.

My Letter to the Mayor:


I am a resident in NE DC. There is a construction crew working on a private condominium building feet away from my yard, where my children play.

I contacted 311. Your representative said they have special permission, which makes NO SENSE. Everywhere else, they are considered non-essential. She told me that I chose to live in my neighborhood, and chose to have people snooping in my yard. I felt her statements were extremely rude. Yes, I chose to live in my house but I am also doing my part to lower the curve by staying home and not going to work.

I cannot keep my children indoors 24-7. It is hypocritical for the Mayor to force everyone indoors but to have privately funded construction crew out and about acting as if nothing has changed. If they are allowed out, we should be allowed out.

Other cities only let construction crew work on low-income housing. I am not sure how a privately owned condominium has achieved this status.”


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