Washington, DC

From an email:

“As we sat around the restaurant yesterday trying to figure out the best way to move forward it dawned on us that not only are our local vendors and suppliers suffering, but there could be a match made between customers wanting to stay away from large grocery store environments, and the products they desire/need. In this moment Walters Country Store Account (WaltersCSA) came to life.

Bridging the gap between local suppliers and our customers Walters CSA will offer pre packaged bundles available to purchase online and picked up in store. Please note all Beer/Liquor/Wine must accompany a food purchase.

Our goal is to help keep the supply chain moving as best we can. For our customers who have the means to keep purchasing to our suppliers who have the means to keep producing WaltersCSA can be a safe link in between.

Head over to Waltersdc.com/Walters-csa to sign up for our newsletter. We will send out our first email today by 2pm with our options. Orders will need to be placed by 7pm for pickup the next day between 4-10pm. We’re also happy to look at special requests.

Stay Clean”

Ed. Note: Walters (10 N Street, SE) is “also getting growlers in from DC Brau for filling later today.”


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