Washington, DC

Photo via DC Fire & EMS

DC Fire & EMS reported Tuesday February 4th:

“Update crash with entrapment 15th St & Constitution Ave NW. 1 extricated. total 3 patients, 1 serious non life threatening injuries and 2 minor injuries. 4 vehicles involved.”

There is WAY more to the story. An eyewitness wrote in what he saw:

“I was walking down constitution between 14th and 15th on Tuesday at 355pm and this happened:

I saw a guy crash into two other cars yesterday [Tuesday] at 15th and Constitution. He was probably going 60 mph. He tried to keep driving to leave the scene of the accident but his car was totaled so he got out and started running. Some random tourist tackled him on the grass by the Washington monument. Then the tackler and two other random guys subdued the guy until the cops got there about one minute later. It looked like the people in the crash were miraculously okay.

It was heroic.”


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