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Thanks to Lisa for sharing:

“Early Sunday morning (Jan 5, 2020), a fire gutted a duplex row house in the 400 block of Madison St. NE, displacing a family of 8 who have lost everything.

The family is stable and recovering. Matriarch of the family, Mrs. Caviness-Bey sustained 2nd degree burns to her face and arm and broke her wrist and pelvis when she jumped from the second floor bedroom nearly escaping the fire after dropping her 2 year old grandson out the window to safety. The other two granddaughters ages 14 and 7 are also doing well and were able to get out the front door escaping the fire. The family dog was found safe, and is now being cared for by a neighbor.

ANC 4B09 Commissioner LaRoya Huff has organized a Donation Drive, to take place on Wednesday, January 8th from 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm at Riggs-LaSalle Recreation Center. They are working with the family to determine next-steps as regards setting up a GoFundMe account as well.


When: Wednesday, January 8th. Donations accepted between 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Where: Riggs-LaSalle Recreation Center

501-B Riggs Road NE.

NOTE: The family join us and present their gifts to them between 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

The family has LOST EVERYTHING… so all items are needed: T-shirts, Belts, Pocketbooks, Wallets, Underwear, Sweaters, Cosmetics and Toiletries. Toys for the smaller children are welcomed.

Sizes for clothing:

Laylaa – Girl:

Size 6/7 clothes, shoes 2 or 3

Uniforms: Red polo top, Black pants

Coat: 6X, 8

Quinten – Boy:

Size 3T – 4T

Shoes 9 or 10

Diapers: Size 5 or Pull Ups

Coat: 4T, 4

Lamecia – Girl:

Tops XS, Pants Size 5 (Tall Slim)

Shoes: 8 or 8.5

Coat: Small, Size 5

Uniform: White Polo, Navy Blue Pants

Mrs. Caviness-Bey – Female

Size: 18

Shoes: 10.5

Coat: 20, 2X

Mr. Caviness-Bey – Male

2X Clothes, 38 pants

Coat: 2X, 40

Shoe: 10.5

Zaid – Male

Clothes: Large, 34 waist

Shoes: 10, 10.5

Coat: XL

Tarsha – Female

Clothes Size 0-2 Shoes: Size 7

Coat: 5, Small

Tiara – Female

Clothes Size 10, Shoes: Size 8.5, 9

Coat: Size 12, Large”


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