Washington, DC

Photo credit: Kick Axe Throwing®

From a press release:

“Get axe-cited!​ ​A new breed of social games concepts (hello iceless curling!) are coming to DC when ​THRōW SocialTM DC a​nd ​Kick Axe Throwing®​ open in Ivy City on​ February 6 ​at ​1401 Okie Street NE​. The venue will soft open to the public on ​January 31​.

Ginger Flesher-Sonnier​, the force behind innovative experiences in D.C., Philadelphia and Brooklyn, like Escape Room LiveTM​, is now giving locals a new way to sip and socialize with her two-level interactive space.

Spanning 22,000 square feet, the joint venue boasts a dozen axe-throwing ranges on the first floor (Kick Axe Throwing®), and five curling rinks and six FootBowl (football + bowling) ranges on the upper level (THRōW SocialTM DC).

Photo credit: Kick Axe Throwing®

Let off some steam with axe throwing, the​ ​lumberjack-inspired twist on darts, which involves hurling an axe at wooden boards. Fear not, however — onsite “axe pros” will make sure no one loses a limb.

Or, try your hand at backyard-style games with a twist at THRōW SocialTM DC: iceless curling and FootBowl, with the goal of being the first team to knock down all the pins. While THRōW SocialTM DC’s games are designed for eight people (two teams of four), up to two extra players can be added during each session. Don’t have enough for a team? No sweat. You’ll be paired up with other players and make new friends in the process.

“Kick Axe Throwing® boasts 12 axe throwing ranges. (Photo credit: Kick Axe Throwing®)”

The joint concept’s Aspen-to-Palm Beach aesthetic is the ultimate immersive retreat for those who can’t make it to the slopes or the shore. Get cozy by fireplace hangouts or sip something warm while taking in the rustic, lodge-inspired decor at Kick Axe Throwing®. Head upstairs to “flamingle” at THRōW SocialTM DC, where the vibe is all about tropical beach life — guests can lounge under a cabana or snap a selfie in front of glowing, punny neon signs.

Kick Axe Throwing® and THRōW SocialTM DC will be open ​Wednesdays​ and ​Thursdays​, ​3​-​11pm​; Fridays​ and ​Saturdays​, ​noon-2am​; and ​Sundays​,​ 11am​-​9pm​. All ages are welcome at THRōW SocialTM DC and children 8+ are welcome at Kick Axe Throwing® and have the option of using foam axes to play. Kick Axe Throwing® patrons must wear closed toe shoes and high heels are prohibited. Pricing is $29 ​per person for an hour of each gaming experience.”


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