Washington, DC

6th and I Street, NW

Thanks to all who passed on the sad news from Sixth & I:

“Dear Sixth & I community,

We are incredibly sad but unfortunately not surprised to let you know that this past Friday, less than 24 hours after many of us sat around the Thanksgiving table in gratitude, anti-Semitic graffiti was carved into a door and drawn on a stairway of our historic building. While the damage to the building is minimal and will be fixed quickly, the emotional scars of such a hateful act will take longer to heal.

Sixth & I takes security measures very seriously and we are working closely with the Metropolitan Police Department and other local law enforcement to ensure the safety of everyone whom we welcome into our building.

All communities of faith deserve to gather peacefully and without fear. As Jews and allies, together we will respond to this hateful act with resilience, spirit, optimism, and pride for who we are and what we stand for.”

The Washington Post reports:

police had arrested Luis Montsinos, of no fixed address. In a police report, officers described the vandalism as a suspected hate crime.”


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