Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

On Wednesday, it rained. I took a Lyft eight blocks. When I got out of the Lyft, I noticed the cap on the bottle of water in my purse was slightly loose and the gloves in my purse were a little damp. I then received a FIFTY dollar “damage” charge from Lyft for what I can only assume were the few droplets of water from my bottle that may have spilled on the cloth (not leather) seat.

The car itself was filthy, as you can see from the dirty floor and it’s equally possible that the water droplets on the seat came from someone’s umbrella. Either way, a $50 “damage” fee for droplets of water on a cloth seat in a very dirty car seems totally excessive!! There is no way the driver had to stop working! I’ve been in plenty of Lyfts on rainy days where the seat is a little wet from the umbrella of the person that rode in the Lyft before me. I’ll definitely never take Lyft again. I’ve reached out to Lyft but they just emailed me again with the same photo (attaches) that they sent me on Wednesday night.”


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