Washington, DC

OK so this week’s question is rather random. I couldn’t get the line “Like a bottle of Chateau Neuf de Pape” out of my head the other day.

Then it got me thinking about fancy wine, then it just got me thinking about expensive things in general. Since I have two little kids (damn you daycare!!) I don’t particularly indulge in fancy things these days, though I did get to go to some amazing baseball games so I’m not complaining. Anyway, what are your indulgences? Are they worth the expense or do you feel guilty afterwards? Things I’m thinking about are restaurants, travel, concerts, cars, bicycles, gyms, spas, clothing, cosmetics, top shelf booze/groceries, shoes, jewelry, your rental building, home renovations or maybe smaller things like simply calling a lyft or just taking the day off work?

Of course many of us have big student loan payments, huge daycare expenses, outrageous rents and other less sexy expenses so this is surely a ridiculous question for some. But what the hell – When’s the last time you treated yourself? Was it worth it? How often do you treat yourself? What’s one treat you’ve loved the most? What’s one you’ve regretted?


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