Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I am writing to see if there is an existing warning list or something similar for terrible landlords We just moved out of a row home where the landlord was excessively rude (calling us “little girls” or a “waste of time” when asking for the landlord to look at issues in the house), was a pain to get to fix defunct heaters in the winter, neglected to fix leaks, or update decades old appliances that damaged our clothes. It ultimately took him a full month to get our security deposit back past the 45 day deadline, because his first check bounced which he blamed on USPS (!?!?).

Essentially, many things we dealt with were just shy of illegal or worth going to small claims court for (we’ve since gotten the deposit, he eventually replaced the appliances, etc). We’ve spoken to a couple of people who have lived in the home, and they all had similar terrible experiences with him. Is there a BBB or something similar so renters can give feedback on landlords? I want to warn future tenants about what they will deal with, and also have a way that this landlord can be held accountable.”


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