Washington, DC

It might be free, but a Guaranteed Ride Home is priceless when you have an unexpected emergency or unscheduled overtime, or you or your child is sick.

Carpool, vanpool, take the train or bus or even bicycle to work knowing that you have registered for the free Guaranteed Ride Home and can get to whatever surprises life sends you.

The regional Guaranteed Ride Home service, operated since 1997 by Commuter Connections, covers commuters working in the Washington and Baltimore regions who regularly (at least twice a week) use alternative forms of transportation. Registered commuters get a free, reliable ride to their car or home in an emergency or unexpected event. You can get up to four Guaranteed Rides Home per year.

With a Guaranteed Ride Home, you can use alternative forms of transportation with confidence, knowing that you’re not stranded at work.  A better commute and peace of mind.

Register for Guaranteed Ride Home free at CommuterConnections.org or call 800.745.RIDE for questions. Free annual renewal is required to maintain your Guaranteed Ride Home benefit. Some restrictions apply.

Since 1974, Commuter Connections has been offering free services and programs that help commuters find the least expensive, safest and most convenient ride for their commute. For more information, visit CommuterConnections.org.


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