Washington, DC

14th and H Street, NW photo by Susie Doom

From Café Chocolat (1423 H Street, NW):

“Yesterday we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. It is no small feat, with all the small independent coffee shops and restaurants closing up around us, and the big chains popping up everywhere. We keep chugging along thanks to our awesome patrons. In fact you are more than patrons, you have become friends. We love coming to the shop every day to talk about our kids, your kids, the weekend plans, the work-related stuff, the teams we love.

We know you have plenty of choices. When we opened up, there were maybe 3 coffee places in our block. 2 years later there were 9 and more opening up. Yet you keep giving us some love and we work very hard not to take that love for granted. Thank you for your continued support. It means the world to us. There are days when it’s hard getting up in the morning. Then you walk in and ask us how we’re doing and share a joke or a morning story and it’s like weight has been lifted off our shoulders. It makes it all worth it. Thank you! We love you all, and thanks for allowing us to do for you what we know best!”


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