Washington, DC

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“Dear PoPville,

On Sunday, October 6th our dog was attacked by an off-leash dog north of intersection of Kennedy and 5th Streets NW. The dog was a female pitbull with tan and white markings. The owner was a young male and had a thick red collar and rope leash in his hand. He suffered scrapings on his knees and hands from helping break up the fight. The pitbull had some bleeding on her ear.

We are working with Animal Control at the Humane Rescue Alliance to try to identify the owner,

who provided us inaccurate contact information, so that we can verify the dog is up to date on shots, etc., since our dog did suffer a puncture wound.

If you have any information about the female pitbull of her owner, please reach out to Animal Control at (202) 576-6664 or post in the comments. It would be so appreciated.

PSA: Everyone should have their dogs on martingale collars or harnesses…it is super easy for dogs to pop out of their collars.”


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