Washington, DC

22 Florida Ave, NW via google maps

A.G. passes on this incredibly disturbing report from the Truxton Circle NextDoor:

“I was assaulted by a woman outside the Valero on Florida yesterday (Monday) at around 6:35pm. The attack was very violent. I was crossing the Valero parking lot and planned to cross Florida Ave when I noticed her. She looked strange to me so I started walking away in the opposite direction to avoid her but she spun around, lunged for me and threw me to the ground by my hair. [warning continued description is graphic]

I don’t know if she was on drugs or suffering from some serious mental illness (or both), but she was completely out of control. Most of my wounds are defensive and I reportedly was able to fight back pretty well (I blacked out for part of it). She beat my head with her fists, ripped out half my hair, bit my leg and arm, and also tried to rip off my clothing (as a result they are categorizing this as a sexual assault). The police and ambulance were there within minutes and I believe that the intervention of two woman (mother and daughter) may have saved my life. I always exercise common sense and have lived in this neighborhood for 2.5 years. I no longer feel safe in this neighborhood and will be moving ASAP. Please be careful out there – she remains at large and is very dangerous. I thank God she didn’t have a knife, and/or that she wasn’t a man. I have reported this information to the police. Description of person involved – Hair: Black, Top: Red or pink, Bottom: shorts, Shoes: I don’t know, Age: 24-40, Build: 5’6, Race: Black, Sex: Female, Other details: chunky”


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